Plastic table mould manufacturer

Plastic table mold manufacturer supplies table plastic mold export, large plastic table, beach table, plastic folding table, plastic table injection molding machine and other items.

QX Mould has large-scale gantry CNC machining equipment, the largest mould processing part size is 6 meters * 3 meters * 2 meters. This will mean that we can provide customers with high-quality plastic tables, beach tables, beach chairs and other high-quality plastic molds based on the drawings, photos, and samples provided by the customers.

Generally, because plastic desktop products are relatively large, there are many ribs on the back of the product to increase the strength of the desktop and avoid deformation of the plastic desktop. For this kind of shrinkage caused by stiffeners, when designing products, the shrinkage level is basically increased on the desktop to cover surface defects. Due to the large mold of the table, the requirements for the cooling effect of the table mold are higher. Generally, moldflow will be run to analyze the mold cooling system before the mold design to find the best cooling position.
We can provide you with table plastic molds, table mold export, beach tables, plastic folding tables, and plastic table injection molding machine projects.

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