How to manufacture thin wall container mold?

QX Mould is specialized in manufacturing high-quality thin wall container molds. After years of research, we have developed thin wall molds with different capacities, models and specifications, including rectangular, round, oval, and square; capacities from 200ml, 500ml to 3L varies. Our moulds adopt a self-locking structure with multiple cavities, which not only improve production efficiency, but also facilitate daily maintenance. So far, nearly hundreds of sets of thin wall container moulds have been delivered to customers in different countries.

The wall thickness of thin wall containers is usually less than 1mm. QX Mould’s R&D team will design different wall thicknesses according to product capacity, model, and specifications. According to our experience, the thickness of 1L thin wall container is 0.5-0.6mm; the thickness of 1L-2L thin wall container is 0.6-0.7mm. At present, QX has designed a minimum wall thickness of 0.38mm on the basis of ensuring the rigidity and strength of thin wall containers, and the wall thickness can be uniform.

Thin wall container molds must be strong enough to withstand high pressure and high-speed injection molding. As for the selection of thin wall container mold steel materials, we can use S136, 2316, 2344 and H13 for the core and cavity parts. In order to improve production efficiency, we will add beryllium copper to the top of the core to speed up cooling and reduce the molding cycle; if there is a need for film internal paste at the bottom, we will add beryllium copper inserts at the gate to prevent the film gate position from being diluted.

About the mould gate, there are two types of gate, pin-point and needle valve. For thin wall or multi-cavity molds, needle valve gates are recommended. It is with fast speed, sufficient feed, and reduced pressure. We recommend suitable number of cavities according to the customer’s machine and capacity requirements.

Technical points of QX thin wall container mold:

1. Specially designed zero-degree lock system for thin wall injection mould;

2. Cooling system specially designed for thin wall molds;

3. High-precision machining process;

4. Select steel materials for each part of the mold;

5. Exhaust system specially designed for thin wall molds;

6. High-speed injection system;

Nowadays thin wall containers such as disposable water cups, containers, bowls, spoons, lunch boxes, etc. are used in large quantities. If you want to have more efficient production and improve market competitiveness, welcome to contact us, QX Mould will provide you all-round thin wall solutions.

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