How widely the bottle caps used in our daily life?

The current application of cap moulds is more extensive. In our daily life, caps are widely used in multi-packaging industries such as edible oil, food, beverage, candy, medicine, etc. It has the characteristics of high quality, energy saving, high efficiency and long service life. What are the advantages of the cap mold?

The cap has such a relatively complete quality standard and caliber parameters, so the production of the cap is relatively standard. It can be said that the blowing mold determines the shape of the plastic bottle. The preform determines the quality of the plastic bottle to a large extent. Needless to say how important the plastic bottle.

Our cap mould adopts the international leading two-stage double taper positioning technology. Each cavity is self-locking independently to ensure the concentricity of the mould. The excellent cold system achieves the high efficiency of normal temperature water cooling, and no need to cut gate, the labor intensity of the worker is reduced, and the mould life is longer, at least 3 million times of shots.

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