Thin Wall Mould

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Thin wall container is very popular in market all over the world. (Thin wall container is generally refers to the container which wall thickness is about 0.4mm-0.7mm).

Since the molds will be operated in high speed injection machines, shorter cycle times means higher productivity and lower costs per part. so it requires a very good cooling system and high hardness in order to ensure the short cycle and the mold life. In China, QX Mould has rich experience in thin wall mold making.

The following industries make use of thin wall molding:
A. food packaging ( e.g. food containers and lids)
B. medical (e.g. syringes)
C. mobile telecommunications (e.g. mobile phone housings)

As to thin wall mould, the mould dimension should be controlled precision. For such product, we always use high speed milling machine and some other high precision tooling machine to tool it, the dimension tolerance should be controlled in 0.05mm. Core & Cavity Steel we use steel high wear and erosion 2316, S136 and H13 steels.

Cooling system is also very important to such thin wall product, just as I stated above, for such product molding, it needs high speed and high pressure. So the mould temperature will be high, it is very important to control the mould in low temperature, so we should add water channel as more as possible, and it should be near the product surface. Besides, we always adapt with BeCu to help the mould cooling, because BeCu has good thermal conductivity. Even though, the price will be much high than mould without BeCu, but the good cooling will help make the product very beautiful.

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